Two runners running after knee replacement surgery

How Can Sport Make Me Feel Good After an Injury?

Following an injury, some people fail to return to the sport they love, and it’s not always due to the physical setbacks, it’s mental too. Whether it’s knee replacement recovery or something less serious, self-esteem in sport plays a large part in overall performance, and as such, self-confidence should not be overlooked when recovering from […]

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Swapping All Drinks with Water: What Would Happen?

Today, people are more than aware of the issues that other drinks can have on their health and well-being. So, hypothetically speaking, what would life be like if we swapped all the drinks completely for nothing but plain water? Let’s look at the facts, some of which will come in very handy for those looking […]

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A person seeking TKR pain relief for their damaged knee

What is the best TKR relief?

Total knee replacement (TKR) surgery is a procedure that’s done to replace a damaged knee. Your knees withstand a lot of pressure and work in your lifetime, which can cause the cartilage that protects the knee joint to wear down over time. This results in bone rubbing against bone, which can be very painful.

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What are your food cravings trying to tell you?

Our bodies are made up of fascinating mechanics but sometimes there can be some crossed-wires about what we think we want and what our bodies actually need.   Craving caffeine?   Caffeine is often the go-to stimulant to help perk you up in the morning or during the working day, found in the copious amounts […]

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