A person seeking TKR pain relief for their damaged knee

What is the best TKR relief?

Total knee replacement (TKR) surgery is a procedure that’s done to replace a damaged knee. Your knees withstand a lot of pressure and work in your lifetime, which can cause the cartilage that protects the knee joint to wear down over time. This results in bone rubbing against bone, which can be very painful.

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What are your food cravings trying to tell you?

Our bodies are made up of fascinating mechanics but sometimes there can be some crossed-wires about what we think we want and what our bodies actually need.   Craving caffeine?   Caffeine is often the go-to stimulant to help perk you up in the morning or during the working day, found in the copious amounts […]

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People playing cricket after using Physicool sprain pain relief

Common cricket injuries and how to avoid them

As a sport, cricket has evolved dramatically from test and one-day matches of old. There are now versions such as Twenty-Twenty, a much more fast and furious version of the age-old English tradition. Whichever version of the sport that is played, the injury risks are essentially the same; strains, sprains and stress injuries are quite […]

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Man stretches for Brighton marathon training after using sprain pain relief.

The best warm-up process for the warmer weather

The weather may still be a little drizzly out there, but spring is here and the sun will come out tomorrow… maybe. It’s therefore time to prepare yourself for the warmer weather and adjust your training programme accordingly because it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we’ve compiled the best advice to consider […]

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