Beat the heat of a hot flush 2

Beat the heat of a hot flush

New from physicool, an amazing mist that will Beat the Heat of a Hot Flush. Physicool’s rapid cooling mist has proven to cool, hydrate and calm*. Turn down the heat naturally, quickly, calmly and discreetly. The history Physicool was successfully featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den with its clinically proven cooling products. Following on from the […]

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Physicool in The Bristol Evening Post

The Mudder of all challenges By The Bristol Post Wednesday, October 09, 2013 A TEAM of runners from Bristol businesses took part in a 12-mile extreme endurance race to raise £5,000 for a local cancer charity. Penny Brohn Cancer Care, which has its headquarters in Pill, benefited from the endeavours of the runners who ran […]

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icing an injury

Icing an injury or using Physicool?

It is ingrained into us from a young age that we should ice an injury. Whether it is a sprain, strain or a bruise, icing an injury has always been the go-to remedy. Ice has always formed one of the cornerstones of acute injury management – RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), but is ice the […]

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Physicool knee replacement testimonial

Dear Kay You will remember that we spoke just before I went into the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow and I rang you again last week to let you know how I got on. I thought I would write a follow up letter which you might find useful in fostering the use of Physicool after […]

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Physicool TeeShirt cooling tshirt

This revolutionary Physicool TeeShirt cooling tshirt is not only cool to wear, it will actually cool you down and you can control the cooling. Sweating is the body’s natural and effective way of cooling down so why do you need a Physicool cooling tshirt? Well, when you feel like you are burning up, your face […]

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Dragons Den bandage set to save the NHS £20 Million per year

A cooling compression bandage featured on BBC television show Dragons Den, could save the NHS over £20m a year in England and Wales. The Physicool bandage provides cooling, compression and support to reduce pain and swelling after trauma. Physicool can be used to treat inflammation and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments. It works by […]

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