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Woman experiencing menopause symptoms needs hot flush relief and skills for better memory.

How the Menopause Plays with Your Memory

If getting older didn’t have enough drawbacks, with those ‘fine’ wrinkles that seem to be engraved around the eyes, menopause comes in like an unwanted present from Mother Nature to make the transition bumpier! Symptoms we can all look forward to include the dreaded hot flushes, that leave you desperate for a cooling hot flush […]

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geriatric orthopaedic surgery book

Clinical study

Our Dorset study (Enhancing Postoperative Rehabilitation Following Knee Arthroplasty Using a New Cryotherapy Product) has just been published. The copyright is owned by the journal. I have ask for full permission of the study but I need to await approval. The Abstract can be seen in the link above or below: Abstract To compare a […]

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