Women meeting with her boss.

Employers Should Be Normalising Menopause

Menopause isn’t something which people should be afraid to speak about openly, but, according to a recent article, experts have said that employers should be doing more to ‘normalise’ conversations about menopause within the workplace. A recent survey, which was conducted by the BBC, found that 70% of respondents did not let their boss know that […]

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Broken ankle pain relief

Five Things Every First Aid Kit Needs

With the sporting season kicking off, there has never been a more essential time to get things in order. However, the type of first aid items that may be required during sports can be completely different to the one which you find in a home or workplace. When sport is played, there is a high […]

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A person seeking TKR pain relief for their damaged knee

Acute Injury or Chronic Injury?

Exercising is great for your body, but sometimes, it can result in an injury that can cause mild to intense pain and strain in areas of the body. An injury can occur because of many reasons, including accidents, ill-informed training practices or poor conditioning; where possible, all three things should be managed as much as […]

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A man using Physicool for his runner’s knee recovery

Health and Fitness Myths: The Truth Revealed

In the health and fitness world, there are thousands of myths and legends that often dictate our routines. The list spans far and wide, from banned food groups for losing weight to fitness fads that are simply bizarre. 2017 has had its own array of new additions, and no doubt, 2018 will also. However, we’ve […]

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