hunting response

Physicool and the Hunting Response

We have received many question on how Physicool (and cooling) helps reduce bleeding and swelling. Physicool gives instant access to cooling, compression and support. By cooling the surface of the skin and the underlying tissues, Physicool causes the narrowing of blood vessels, a process known as vasoconstriction. This vasoconstriction leads to a decrease in the […]

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Physicool Ingredients

Physicool Ingredients So how does Physicool Cool? Rapidly Evaporating alcohols are the Physicool ingredients which create the cooling effect. The process of evaporation involves a liquid changing to a gas. This process requires a large amount of energy or fuel. In this case, body heat provides the fuel. The active Physicool ingredients need airflow to […]

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Health gauge article on Physicool. Physicool technology speeds revovery

Health Gauge review: Jan 2014

Physicool Technology speeds recovery. Injury bandage keeps its cool in Dragons Den. Physicool is a medically-proven cooling bandage which is soaked in rapidly evaporating alcohol to deliver healing benefits that outweigh those offered by other therapies to treat sprains and sports injuries.

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Physicool rapid relief cooling mist

Can this new technology cure the dreaded hot flushes?

Physicool launches high-tech Cooling Mist Whilst a lucky few sail calmly through the hormonal turmoil that accompanies the menopause, most of us have to handle horrible hot flushes, insomnia-inducing night sweats, unexpected mood swings and memory loss. In fact, three in every four women suffer from hot flushes both before, and during the menopause (1), […]

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Emma Davis Physiotherapist

Running tips for January

Emma Davies is an experienced Physiotherapist for Tri Physiotherapy, and states that when January rolls around, she will be flooded with patients with knee injuries. “I see the same trend year in, year out – everyone makes it their New Years resolution to lose weight or get fitter, so they start running, which is great, […]

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