Our History

Physicool has now become a household name used by world-renowned surgeons, elite athletes and every-day people alike. Our products are used throughout Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe for every-day purposes ranging from the treatment of a sprained ankle, enhancing patient rehabilitation post surgery to beating the heat of  a hot flush.

We didn’t start this way. Physicool’s origins stem back to the equine market, Physicool’s sister company Equinice, and a small office on a Dorset farm, England.

Physicool’s rapid evaporation cooling system was initially used to treat race horses. It wasn’t until we received feedback from jockeys using Physicool to treat their own injuries that we realised the human application. After testing and product development Physicool was born, We shot to UK stardom in 2009 when Kay pitched Physicool on BBC’s Dragon’s Den. On the night of that successful pitch our website  received 36,000 visits and global interest.

Today we continue to grow our product offerings with the development on new products and applications. Physicool is dedicated to enabling people to live their lives to the fullest by providing intelligent, forward thinking medical devices and lifestyle products to aid wellbeing to recovery.