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Anxiety: An Unfortunate Side Effect of Menopause

When you first start to notice the changes that your body goes through during perimenopause and menopause, physical symptoms such as a missed period or a hot flush may take precedence in your mind as some of the biggest differences to your body that you’ve noticed. However, as your body experiences a reduced level of oestrogen, mental changes such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression are ailments that you might start to experience.

These psychological symptoms can often be as debilitating as a physical symptom, but as they often go undetected by others, they can leave you feeling isolated. Whilst menopause treatments can help fight the obvious side effects, the new limitations that are posed due to anxiety can be difficult to begin to understand. Here are some of our favourite ways to help fight and reduce the symptom.



Talking to someone about what you’re feeling is one of the most effective ways of combatting your anxiety. Until you begin to tell someone what you are going through, friends and family might not even recognise that you are struggling with the issue. Removing the stigma surrounding your anxiety will also help you feel better if you experience future down episodes where you feel as though you are unable to meet your friends/go to the shops/perform an otherwise simple task due to feeling overwhelmed. By informing others in your life that it is something that you are struggling with, they will begin to understand that there may be new limitations on things that you can do whilst suffering from anxiety.



One of the best ways to reduce the levels of anxiety that you might be experiencing is by exercising. Whether it is a gentle jog in the park, or an immersive spin class with others, engaging in exercise will allow your heartbeat to be regulated by whatever activity that you are concentrating on, taking the attention away from feelings of stress or worry.


Yoga and Mindfulness

Practicing yoga alone at home is one of the simplest ways in which you can settle your anxiety for a while. By allowing your breathing to slow by taking deep, steady breaths, you will instantly feel the benefits, and pushing your body to enter new positions can also help ease other side effects of the menopause such as hot flushes and painful cramps!

Alongside your yoga, why not attempt some mindfulness in the form of meditation. In meditating, you are required to divert your attention away from any negative thoughts or feelings that you may be experiencing, which allows you time to escape from your anxiety.


Visit your doctor

If you speak to your doctor about any symptoms that you are experiencing as a side effect of menopause, they can advise you on what is best to help. The longer you keep your feelings of worry to yourself, the more unbearable your anxiety may feel. As a doctor, they have knowledge about alternative methods to help ease your anxious thoughts, so a visit to your doctor can help ease your mind.


If you are currently struggling with anxiety, attempting to ease other symptoms of menopause that you are experiencing, will make it easier to deal with. Our cooling spray is perfect for easing any hot flushes that you could be experiencing, helping you to get a better nights sleep. If you’re looking for more information on menopause and how to cope with it, check out our blog here for more information.

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