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What Are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

You may have been wondering why sports massage is so popular these days. Well, people are generally a lot more invested in taking care of themselves, is one major reason, and that includes enjoying the wealth of benefits that come with sports massages.

The primary reason for a sports massage is, typically, to provide support in reducing tension and stress in the body’s soft tissues that have built up through physical training. People suffering from a wide range of ailments, such as those looking for plantar fasciitis pain relief, seek the help of sports therapy. Let’s find out more about how sports massage can help you…


What is Sports Massage?

To be specific, sports massage is a targeted therapy that aids the treatment of the soft tissues. The main aim is to assist in the recuperation of training (at any level) or assist in personal injury. It can also be used to warm-up and relax the muscles prior to exercise or a competition. Though this style of therapy isn’t a new, it has drawn on other areas of therapy to evolve to the level we know today. Physiotherapy, osteopathy and medical professional advice are all incorporated to give us the superb degree of sports massage athletes around the world benefit from today.


What Happens in a Sports Massage Session?

A typical sports massage incorporates the following:

  • Warming-up, relaxation and preparing the muscles for the deeper work
  • Rubbing, compressions, longitudinal, cross-fibre friction, and sometimes cupping or slapping for stimulation
  • Sports therapists may also adopt other soft tissue methods, such as stretching, to increase flexibility


What Are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

Much like applying one of our cooling bandages to your muscles after a heavy session, there are three specific areas in which sports massage can be beneficial too, which are physical, physiological and psychological. We’ve broken them down so that you can find out more.



  • There are plenty of physical benefits that you can look forward to with sports massage. For instance, massage expands muscle tissues in a multidirectional fashion – longitudinally and side-to-side – giving you increased overall flexibility. A professional sports massage also offers you the pleasing release of any stored stress and pressure.


  • Furthermore, massage therapy causes the tissue membrane microscopic holes to enlarge, which allows essential fluids and nutrients to flow through far more easily. The upside to this is that it permits waste material like lactic acid, for example, to be flushed out easily and also leads to oxygen and nutritional requirements being sent swiftly to the target muscles, supporting a quicker recovery.


  • Another physical advantage of sports massage is that it enhances the circulation of blood to the targeted muscle tissues, much the same as exercise does. Additionally, massage therapy triggers vessels of blood to dilate, helping to provide a more efficient transfer of fresh air and nutrition.



  • Better recovery by raising blood circulation to the affected spot
  • Enriched relaxation
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Increased range of movement
  • Scar tissue improvement
  • Mitochondrial advances



  • Sports massage essentially creates heat, which gives you heightened amounts of blood flow and better-quality flexibility. These types of features may play a role in stimulating physical recuperation.


  • The unwanted combination of waste materials and stress inflicted on a muscle has the potential to cause a painful feeling. A sports massage acts to reduce any unpleasant feeling just by its ability to diminish anxiety and remove existing waste products. Sports massage therapy also encourages the release of endorphins which help you to feel more better too.


Please let us know in the comments if there is any way that a sports massage has helped you that you think others may benefit from knowing too!

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