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A person seeking TKR pain relief for their damaged knee

Acute Injury or Chronic Injury?

Exercising is great for your body, but sometimes, it can result in an injury that can cause mild to intense pain and strain in areas of the body. An injury can occur because of many reasons, including accidents, ill-informed training practices or poor conditioning; where possible, all three things should be managed as much as […]

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a winter exercise track

A Cold Weather Injury Prevention Guide

Training in cold weather can often leave your body more susceptible to injuries. This is because the lower temperatures mean that your muscles can’t contract as efficiently as they can in warmer temperatures, therefore, your body must work harder. Learning to train efficiently in cold weathers can be highly beneficial for your training, as you’ll […]

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A runner holding their leg after an injury

What Sports Injuries Are the Most Common?

If you are an active person, the chances are that you will have encountered one of the most common sports injuries. This could be a result of misfortune, not preparing properly or training sufficiently for the exercise you do. Fatigued and being out of condition, can also play a factor, leaving you susceptible to sports […]

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