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Woman lifts weights at the gym with personal trainer.

The Fitness Trends of 2017 You Need to Know

2017 has continued the hype of fitness, evolving the health and fitness sector into a multi-million industry, with no signs of stopping. There are now more choices than ever available for new beginners to fitness fanatics, with classes, facilities and trainers catering to a variety of abilities and interests of end-users. The opportunity to pick […]

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women running who needs a cooling pain relief spray

Rest Periods Vital for Serious Injury Prevention

Statistics show that children are beginning to get increasingly more involved in sports as health and well-being trends continue to rise, with many children starting to play games such as football and basketball at younger ages. However, experts warn that they must remember to include periods of rest in their training timetables to prevent serious […]

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The front cover of YOU magazine where Physicool’s cooling spray features

We’ve Been Featured In July’s YOU Beauty Box

For those of you who missed it, we were recently featured in The Daily Mail’s YOU Beauty Box in the ‘Come Fly With Me’ July edition with our cutest pink handbag cooling spray! This fantastic beauty box is essentially a handpicked selection of ‘gorgeous travel beauty essentials’ that are ‘must have’ items for anyone heading […]

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