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A man running through the snow in Winter

Winter Training Guide: Running

Running in the winter is harder, fact. It’s not just the cold weather and dark skies that make it more difficult either, and as much as that might be the main reason for your diminished motivation, you might be pleased to know that there are reasons why your regular running routine is more difficult at […]

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A woman in winter workout gear to avoid a runner knee injury

How to Dress for Cold Weather Sports

Winter is coming, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your usual outdoor exercise routine. As long as you dress appropriately, you can still take part in cold-weather workouts which actually have several benefits above exercising in warmer weather! Our guide is here to help you to dress correctly for the winter ahead:

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Woman lifts weights at the gym with personal trainer.

The Fitness Trends of 2017 You Need to Know

2017 has continued the hype of fitness, evolving the health and fitness sector into a multi-million industry, with no signs of stopping. There are now more choices than ever available for new beginners to fitness fanatics, with classes, facilities and trainers catering to a variety of abilities and interests of end-users. The opportunity to pick […]

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How To Prevent Tennis Elbow

With the weather finally warming up, more and more people are venturing outside once again to enjoy the sporting activities that were kept to a minimum during the cold winter months. One of the most popular sporting activities during the summer months is Tennis, which comes to fever pitch during July, when the world-famous Wimbledon […]

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