Rapid Cooling Bandage B - Large - Reusable
Rapid Cooling Bandage B - Large - Reusable
Rapid Cooling Bandage B - Large - Reusable
Rapid Cooling Bandage B - Large - Reusable

Rapid Cooling Bandage B - Large - Reusable

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Our large size B bandage provides rapid cooling, compression, and support. The rapid cooling helps to reduce pain and inflammation caused by injuries, muscle soreness, and arthritis. Our cooling technology works better than ice and provides effective pain and inflammation reduction for all major limbs and body parts including the knee, leg, shoulder, hip, back, neck, chest, and stomach (Please avoid leaving a bandage on your neck whilst sleeping, and wrap lightly when using for chest muscle/rib injuries to avoid restriction of breathing). The bandage is reusable making it ideal for managing chronic issues such as persistent hip, back, or knee pain, as well as acute injuries. Our bandages are used in the NHS to help treat a variety of joint and muscle injuries.


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      "I would thoroughly recommend the use of the Physicool bandage. Not only is it easy for the patients to apply, it's great for when they go home and the results show it performs better than our standard cooling method."

      Simon Garrett BM MRCS FRCS (T&O)

      Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
      National Health Service

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