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How Dangerous is the Winter Olympics?

It seems like the Winter Olympics have been going on for a while now; with some of us left glued to our TV’s, others have been wondering just how dangerous this sporting event really is. When compared to the normal Olympics, there have been many reports on how safe this event is. So far, we have seen numerous crashes, as well as some serious injuries, and when this is compared with the normal Olympics, there is a huge difference in injuries.

However, participants know what they are getting themselves in for as they have trained for this for probably most of their lives. So far, we have already seen Australian snowboarder Jessica Rich competing a month after tearing her ACL, and she also revealed she had previously broken her back and broken her collarbone twice!

Additionally, Cameron Bolton took part in the snowboard cross with a suspected broken wrist, while Jarryd Hughes, who won silver in the event, has had five knee operations over the course of his career.

Elise Christie, who is a British speed skater, was injured in a dramatic crash in the 1500m, and snowboarder Katie Ormerod broke her heel whilst she was training. Australian snowboarder Tess Coady also got an injury during training, blaming the strong winds.

Of course, we know that any type of sport can be dangerous, but at the moment, the Winter Olympics seems to be the most dangerous sporting event around.

There are no figures from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics yet, but in a recent article by the Guardian, it has shown the number of injuries from the different sporting events from the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics.

According to the figures the top five most dangerous sporting events in this sporting event are:

  • Snowboard: slopestyle
  • Snowboard: cross
  • Freestyle skiing: aerials
  • Skiing: slopestyle
  • Skiing: halfpipe

This shows that most of the injuries are gained from the sports which include high speeds as well as high jumps.

When compared with the Summer Olympics, it seems like there are still numerous injuries which happen during many of the more extreme sports like BMX, taekwondo, mountain biking and boxing. However, it seems like the Winter Olympics comes out slightly ahead.

There are still a few days left of the Winter Olympics, and unfortunately, there will probably be some more injuries! At the moment, GB hasn’t fared so well during this sporting event. However, Norway, Germany and Canada are sitting at the top three places on the medal table.

With any sport, there are always numerous risks of obtaining an injury, but it is always important to seek the right sports injury treatment when one occurs. Here at Physicool, we have a great range of products which can assist recovery when picking up an injury. If you have any questions regarding our products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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