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Rest Periods Vital for Serious Injury Prevention

Statistics show that children are beginning to get increasingly more involved in sports as health and well-being trends continue to rise, with many children starting to play games such as football and basketball at younger ages. However, experts warn that they must remember to include periods of rest in their training timetables to prevent serious injuries.

It is great to see that children are gaining more of an interest in being healthy and getting involved in the ever increasing number of sports available, keeping them fit, healthy and active. However, Dr Thomas LaPorta, a surgeon with Lee Memorial Health System commented that throwing injuries in the arms and shoulders, as well as leg injuries, have also been on the rise with a lack of care and attention being paid to minor injuries.

He added that it is important to include periods of rest within their training timetables, as well as making shorter-term decisions to prevent minor injuries from becoming more serious. Any athletes suffering from sharp pains, tired arms or soreness should consider taking a break and applying some cooling pain relief spray until the pain subsides.

Health experts warn that not allowing time for their bodies to repair is an increasing trend, particularly among young athletes. With this, the worse an injury gets, the harder it is to repair and can sometimes result in the need for surgery.

Dr LaPorta added: “The most important thing is resting, allowing the inflammation and the swelling to go down. And then when you’re ready to go back to throwing, going in a manner which is slow and deliberate.”

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