Knee Surgery Recovery Bundle


Rapidly reduces pain and inflammation following knee replacement surgery and arthroplasty. The Recovery Bundle will provide weeks of pain relief whilst reducing inflammation around the knee, getting you back on your feet faster!



Physicool’s Knee Surgery Recovery Bundle is clinically proven to outperform ice in the treatment of pain and inflammation following knee surgery. The Knee Surgery Recovery Bundle contains the following:


1 Large (Size B) cooling compression bandage.


2 (+1 free) 500ml Coolant Recharges to recharge the bandage.


Free UK shipping.


Recharge the bandage when dry or after 2 hours of use.


1. Re-roll the bandage after use starting with the ‘self-grip’ strap, then place back in its foil pouch.


2. Pour approximately 25% (125ml) of the coolant over the rolled up bandage. Allow the bandage 1-2 hours to re-absorb the Coolant.


3. Squeeze the bandage before reapplying, any excess coolant will be reabsorbed by the bandage next time.