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A Tshirt that actually cools you down. The Physicool-Max Tshirt uses a groundbreaking high-tech fabric and Rapid Evaporation cooling technology which reacts to your body heat to cools you down when you need it.

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Climate control technology that really works! The Physicool Cooling Tshirt is packed with groundbreaking features that will cool you down when you need it. The Cooling Tshirt uses high-tech, sweat-activated Physicool-Max materials. The Cooling Tshirt actively draws sweat and moisture from the inner to the outer layer providing comfort in intense climates. Apply Physicool’s Coolant to accelerates the Tshirt cooling technologies keeping you cooler for longer and performing at your peak.


  • Keeps your body cool during sports and intense climates
  • Evaporative cooling triggered by body heat keeping you cool and comfortable


Far more effective than a standard cotton tshirt, The Cooling Tshirt was designed to keep you cool whilst running, in the gym, on the bike, or whenever the weather heats up. But this advanced piece of technological clothing also has a second trick up its sleeve.


Included with each Cooling tshirt is a 250ml bottle of Physicool Coolant Spray. When sprayed onto the Cooling Tshirt, the material fibres absorb the coolant, putting the coolant in contact with your hot skin. Body heat then triggers the evaporative technology which inturn pulls heat out of your body keeping you cool and comfortable. The hotter you are, the more heat is evaporated leaving you cool and dry and therefore active for longer.

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