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The Ultimate Winter Workout Guide

As the sun begins to set earlier and the winter weather starts to creep in, we often find that our motivation to get up, get out and exercise can begin to slip. Bright early mornings and summer sunshine may help to lift your spirits for the day, but in the winter you may need something a little extra to help you keep to your routine. Here’s our ultimate winter workout guide to keep you in peak condition this season:

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1. Stay Safe

The winter can leave your body highly susceptible to injuries, so it is of paramount importance that you do everything you can to ensure that you’re training safely. Don’t forget your winter warm-ups and cool downs – which are even more essential in the cold weather! If you’re running outdoors, ensure that your shoes have enough grip on the ground and that it is not icy, as this could leave you losing your footing and cause an injury. If you do attain an injury and are in need of runners knee recovery, out bandages are the perfect solution; reducing the swelling and easing the pain to get you back to what you love as quickly as possible.

2. Set a Winter Goal

You may have an overall fitness goal, however, setting smaller, individual goals in the colder months can help to keep your motivation high. For example, your goal might be to attend a fitness class once a week, to run one mile a day for four weeks to improve your time or to increase your flexibility. By setting more short-term goals, you’ll be able to experience the euphoria of hitting them, encouraging you to keep going!

3. Try Something New

If you spend most of your training time in the great outdoors then you may find yourself in search of alternatives when the weather is particularly bad. This is the perfect time to try exploring a new form of exercise; have a look at some of the interesting classes, groups and training squads in your local area to see if there is anything that takes your fancy. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new fitness passion?

4. Invest in the Correct Gear

The cold weather requires you to invest in correct clothing for your outdoor training. Aside from the obvious reasons of stopping you from feeling the brutal cold, it can also help your performance and to ensure that your body maintains a steady temperature, rather than wasting energy trying to adjust to the extremes. Running trainers should have a good level of grip to help you to stay safe, and you should also invest in a lightweight training jacket.

5. Alternative Exercises

If you can’t quite bring yourself to brave the cold, there are plenty of indoor exercises that can be done instead. You can take your pick from HIIT workouts, yoga, hula hooping and plenty of others and enjoy the warmth of the indoors whilst still getting your fitness fix! Take a look at these 5 Winter Workouts for some inspiration.

6. Create a Training Plan (and stick to it!)

Creating a plan for your time is a great way to ensure that you still manage to get into a regular exercise routine within a busy schedule. Although you should still make time for yourself to relax and recuperate, exercise will still be a priority in your schedule. These time frames should be realistic and attainable on a regular basis, but don’t be afraid to switch it up if there are any last-minute changes to your day! Planning to train with a friend can help to motivate you to stick to a schedule as you won’t want to let them down, so find a gym buddy and get them out and about with you!

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