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Our medically formulated Coolant is used globally throughout hospitals, physiotherapy practices, sport arenas and at home. The versatile Physicool Cooling Bandage has proved to greatly reduce swelling and inflammation, reducing pain whilst helping speed up the recovery process, getting people back up on their feet fast!

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    How does Physicool work? Why is rapid evaporation better than ice and other cooling therapies? Take a look at this short video to find out.

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Being a Professional Mixed Martial Artist I put my body under a lot of stress during training. It’s not unusual for me to pick up injuries to my muscles and joints on a regular basis. My main concern after these injuries is to recover as quickly as possible and Physicool has helped me do this. I can apply Physicool straight after training rather than waiting to get home and preparing an ice pack. The bandages and Recharge are so convenient and effective for my recovery I don’t go training without it. When preparing for a fight the intensity of my training increases and my muscles are put through a lot more stress. I use Physicool to cool my muscles down after those hard sessions.

Tim Newman, Professional MMA Fighter and Personal Fitness Instructor