60 percent of menopausal women have nearly 1,500 hot flushes a year

WOMEN going through ‘the change’ are tormented by up to four hot flushes a day, which adds up to around 15,000 of the steaming surges in a lifetime, according to new research.

Almost two thirds of menopausal women are plagued by nearly 1,500 hot flushes a year, according to a new survey.These sudden surges in temperature which come with soaking sweats and red, flushed skin, affect womens’ confidence and take a toll on relationships.The survey by Physicool, the makers of a cooling mist, found that 60 per cent of women have hot flushes more than four times a day, which adds  up to 1,500 a year. With menopause lasting up to a decade, that’s 15,000 hot flushes over a lifetime.

In the poll of menopausal women, results revealed that nearly half (46.6 per cent) had been suffering from hot flushes for more than five years, with 40 per cent saying that their confidence has been severely knocked as a result.

In addition, 73 per cent of participants felt there wasn’t enough help or information about the menopause available to them.

Almost all the women (94 per cent) said the hot flushes impacted every area of life, from preventing a good night’s sleep, impacting on their work to affecting their social lives and relationships.

Nearly 40 per cent confessed that night sweats and hot flushes have been detrimental to relationships. One woman said: “I wake every 30 to 45 minutes, so my sleep is very disturbed. I haven’t slept for more than an hour at a time for more than two years.”Hot flushes are a sudden feeling of heat in the upper body and can start in the face, neck or chest before spreading up or down.They can raise the skin temperature by six degrees, make the skin on the face, neck and chest can look red and patchy and last from seconds to 10 minutes.

Some women become irritated, giddy, weak, or feel sick during a hot flush. Others also develop a thumping heart sensation (palpitations) and feelings of anxiety during each episode. The number of hot flushes can vary from every now and then, to 15 or more a day.

Many women need to just stoically sit them out and wait for them to stop, although the makers of Physicool claims its Cooling Mist manages to help draw heat from the skin, reducing temperature and calming redness.


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