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Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we get regarding our products. If you can’t find an answer to your question here then email us at info@physicool.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help further.

Health and safety

Is this safe to use during competitions?

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Yes. Physicool is specially designed to conform to all the competition rules.

Will Physicool cause any skin irritation?

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No, Physicool should not cause irritation. Physicool has been extensively tested on humans. If it does cause irritation stop using it immediately.

Can I safely leave the bandage on for more than two hours?

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Yes, the bandage will eventually dry out and the cotton support bandage can be safely left on, even overnight.

How to use

Can we use Physicool coolant with any bandage?

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No you cannot. Our bandage is made from special 100% undyed cotton which has its own natural elasticity so compression can be applied during application. It has been scientifically developed to bind the coolant to the surface of the bandage and ensure a sustained delivery of the coolant for two hours plus. This is achieved through the unique weave of the bandage which employs open-cell technology which traps the coolant in the ‘cells’ and releases a continual cooling effect.

Can I wash the Physicool bandage?

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Yes you can. Wash it as you would a normal cotton bandage, in a warm wash.

How long will Physicool last?

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In its sealed packet, Physicool will last indefinitely, making it an ideal choice for First Aid care.

How many times can I use the Physicool Bandage

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The bandage will give 2-3 hours of cooling, when it is completely dry it can then be recharged again and again. Best practice is to use the bandage for thirty-minutes at a time. Because Physicool draws heat away from the body you will continue to feel the cooling benefits long after you have removed the bandage.

How many times will the 500ml Physicool coolant recharge the bandage?

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A 500ml bottle will give approximately seven complete recharges of a size A bandage, and five to six full recharges of a size B bandage.

Can I respray the coolant straight onto the bandage?

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Yes, the coolant can be used directly onto the bandage whether it is on a limb or in the packet.

Does Physicool require refrigeration?

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No. You can keep Physicool in your car, your gym bag, an emergency kit, anywhere and everywhere. Even in the heat of summer, Physicool is always ready instantly the moment you need it.

Can I cover the Phyiscool bandage?

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No, because Physicool works by rapid evaporation which requires the flow of air. Covering the bandage will reduce the air supply and rate of evaporation.

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