About us


You were born to move. Crawling. Walking. Running. You’re hardwired for action.

But sometimes life derails you.

A twisted ankle training for a marathon. That throb in your elbow after a game of tennis. Or something as serious as knee surgery. They can all stop you from doing what you love.

Our range of innovative cooling products combine the benefits of rapid cooling and compression in an affordable and portable package. They’re clinically proven to outperform ice in the reduction of swelling and inflammation.

We want to get people back to peak performance, whether they’re an athlete, recovering from surgery, or just somebody who’s tweaked a muscle. Our products are backed by science and used in NHS hospitals, so people can have confidence that they’re buying a product that really works.

We’ll help you get back to being you.

What we do

Our products use specially designed cooling technology to help people recover from joint and muscle injuries. It rapidly draws heat out of an injury, reducing swelling and pain, while promoting blood flow into the injury and speeding up recovery.

Our cooling products require no refrigeration and work instantly, which means you can use them anywhere. Keep them in your kit bag, your medicine cupboard, your office desk drawer, wherever you are most likely to need them.

The bandages also provide compression and support for injuries, which also helps aid recovery.

Who we help

You don’t have to be an injured athlete to use our products. Our products are used in the NHS and by private physiotherapists to help their clients manage a wide range of conditions, from overcoming the swelling and pain following knee surgery, to getting through flare-ups of chronic problems like tendonitis and arthritis.

If your condition stops you from moving freely, and living life the way you want, whether that means you can’t run a marathon or can’t walk to the shops, our products can help you get back to your best.

How it works