Beat the Heat of a Hot Flush

Cools, Hydrates & Calms

“Very few products can tackle hot flushes effectively, but I have to say that the Cooling Mist really works and I recommend it to all my clients…”

Deborah Bruce, Consultant Gynecologist at London Bridge Hospital, Council of the British Menopause Society

“…As soon as the mist hits their skin it begins to evaporate, drawing out the heat immediately and evaporating it away. This results in an instant cooling effect and also helps to alleviate redness.”

“Also of note is that the product doesn’t leave any sticky residue after application, and can be used over make-up which will undoubtedly appeal! As an added benefit, it leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.”

The ‘Cooling Mist’ cooling spray is a revolutionary cooling product for all women affected by the menopause who seek a natural remedy for hot flashes as an alternative to more conventional menopause treatment. The mist offers instant, long lasting relief to help combat the discomfort of Hot Flashes, often one of the dominant symptoms of menopause.

Simply spray the chest, neck and wrists. Heat and redness are instantly drawn out gently calming and reducing body temperature. Apply the Cooling Mist every time you feel a Hot Flush coming on.

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