How it works

Our range of cooling bandages work on a simple principle: draw heat out of an injury fast to cool tissues down and promote healing. Physicool works by promoting rapid evaporation at the injury site to quickly lower temperatures.  

As evaporation occurs the hottest particles are lost first, leaving behind cooler particles - that’s why the steam from your kettle is hotter than the boiling water inside.

Our products contain alcohols that evaporate rapidly at room temperature, giving an instant cooling effect. The coolant evaporates drawing out the heat from the injury site right down to the deepest muscles. The conduction of heat from the muscles, to the skin, then to the bandage and coolant means that heat is constantly sucked away until all the coolant has evaporated.

Continuous Cooling

Medical professionals recommend that ice is only applied to an injury for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time, with a rest period in between of the same duration. This is to avoid ice burn and damage to the nerves in the skin.

Because Physicool draws heat away by evaporation, instead of lowering the tissue temperature by surrounding it with a colder mass, it can be applied continuously. This means you can get hours of cooling, helping to manage pain and swelling.

Our bandages also use open-cell technology to bind the coolant to the weave of the bandage and ensure it is in constant contact with the skin. 

Proven Effectiveness

Physicool has been clinically tested in a study by Mumit et al in 2015, which showed that it was more effective in helping patients following knee surgery than existing therapies.

Key findings from the study included:

  • Physicool improves pain and ROM in the acute postoperative phase following total knee arthroplasty
  • Shown to be more effective in reducing pain and in increasing ROM of the knee and also more cost effective compared to the Cryocuff system
  • Physicool is easy for the majority of patients to apply
  • It allows patients to mobilise without removing the device and can be used following discharge.

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