8 tips to beat the night sweats

Night time should be the best time but so often now it is the place where the menopause battle begins and we end up viewing our previous bedroom haven as a war zone. So, below are my 8 tips to beating the night sweats and getting a good night’s sleep.

1. The first thing to do is make your bed as comfortable as possible and I have found that a new mattress topper has made all the difference in the world.

2. Darkness is essential to a good night’s sleep and as we know we are going to sleep with the windows wide open , black out curtains are another good investment but if you already have wonderful curtains which maybe just let in a little light , simple fit a roller blind behind it and calming darkness will ensue. I go round like a mad woman covering up any of the annoying little blinking lights and gaps under doors are filled with towels for all hotel rooms, in order to get that calm oasis of dark.

3. Oh for air con, if I had known then what I know now, I would have been swopping all my heating system for an air con unit in the bedroom!

4. But failing that, double duvets are the answer, buy a thick one for the other half and a light one for you and this will help to keep the peace. Try and ensure that you sleep on the open window side, another step in peace keeping mission!

5. A light cotton blanket kept folded at the foot of the bed is also useful, as this can be pulled up over you should the light duvet prove too much, it is also good at taking up the sweat and can easily be washed.

6. A new use for your travel mug , fill with ice cubes and water and keep this on the bedside table , for cooling sips throughout the night which also isn’t going to fall over and spill water all over your book, when scrabbling trying not to put the bedside lamp on and if it does fall the water isn’t going everywhere !

7. Of course keep your Rapid Cooling Mist handy, at the first sign of a flush, throw back the bed clothes and spray with gay abandonment! Particularly the chest area and but also around the back of the neck, then struggle down and wait for the strange warm glow that is the mist taking away that burning heat that is ruining your night. Say goodbye to the sweat and heat , give the mist a few minutes to give you a relaxing cool down, which will have you reaching for the duvet and a few more blissful hours sleep .

8. its obvious but curb the booze, hot food and the cigarettes for a cooler body temperature.

Remember this isn’t a miracle cure (although you might feel that sainthood or the very least a knighthood should be awarded to this wonder Mist) so you will have to repeat the process. The Rapid Cooling Mist puts you back in charge and you will find the control will give you confidence and those ‘hot moments’ will start to have longer and longer time between each episode.

Yours. Kay Russell.


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