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Yoga pose on a beach at sunset.

Why You Should Do Yoga

Yoga seems to be the new ‘it’ discipline, with classes available at almost every gym and everyone snapping their latest pose to share with the masses on social media; but should you take up an exercise just because everyone else is doing it? Usually not, but in this instance, we would implore you to do […]

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A person seeking TKR pain relief for their damaged knee

Acute Injury or Chronic Injury?

Exercising is great for your body, but sometimes, it can result in an injury that can cause mild to intense pain and strain in areas of the body. An injury can occur because of many reasons, including accidents, ill-informed training practices or poor conditioning; where possible, all three things should be managed as much as […]

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a winter exercise track

A Cold Weather Injury Prevention Guide

Training in cold weather can often leave your body more susceptible to injuries. This is because the lower temperatures mean that your muscles can’t contract as efficiently as they can in warmer temperatures, therefore, your body must work harder. Learning to train efficiently in cold weathers can be highly beneficial for your training, as you’ll […]

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A man running through the snow in Winter

Winter Training Guide: Running

Running in the winter is harder, fact. It’s not just the cold weather and dark skies that make it more difficult either, and as much as that might be the main reason for your diminished motivation, you might be pleased to know that there are reasons why your regular running routine is more difficult at […]

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