Knee Injury Guides

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Runner’s Knee

What is Runner’s knee? The term ‘runner’s knee’ refers to several problems that cause pain on the front of the knee.  It commonly presents as constant ache underneath your kneecap when you...

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Rugby Injuries

What are rugby injuries? Endurance running and contact unfortunately equals rugby injuries. Tackling, scrums, rucks and mauls equal running injuries. With the amount of running, there is the...

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Knee Replacement Surgery

  What is knee replacement surgery? As the result of extensive strain, arthritis or a previous injury; the knee joint can become damaged causing pain and diminished movement. Simple everyday...

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Knee Arthritis

  What is knee arthritis? Aside from age and genes, knee arthritis can develop from repetitive stress injuries. These kinds of injuries are synonymous with certain jobs and sports that...

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  What is Osteochondritis? Also known as OCD or OD, Osteochondritis is the result of joint separation where the cartilage or a fragment of bone is inflamed and separates from the rest of the...

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