Knee Recovery Bundle
Knee Recovery Bundle
Knee Recovery Bundle
Knee Recovery Bundle

Knee Recovery Bundle

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This bundle will provide weeks of pain relief and will reduce inflammation around the knee, helping you to recover from injury and getting you back on your feet faster!
The size B bandage gives much needed compression and support around the knee, while the extra bottles of coolant provide hours of cooling relief

Each bundle contains:
1 x size B bandage
3 x 500ml coolant bottles (for the price of 2)

Our bandages are used in the NHS to help manage a variety of joint and muscle injuries and are also used to aid recovery after total knee replacement. TKR is an invasive procedure and afterwards it is common to suffer from the following symptoms for an extended period of time:

  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Pain and soreness around the knee
  • Feeling of heat around the knee

Depending on the procedure that your knee has undergone these symptoms may last for several months, during this time icing is suggested as an effective way to manage pain and swelling. Our knee recovery bundle is a highly effective way to manage your symptoms and offers numerous benefits that will help you during your recovery

  • Reduces inflammation – Clinically proven to rapidly reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Pain reduction – Our cooling bandages lower the temperature of the skin and surrounding tissues, numbing nerve endings and reducing pain
  • Instant cooling – Physicool’s cooling properties work instantaneously, giving immediate relief
  • Promotes healing – By reducing swelling our bandages promote blood flow around the injury site helping to speed up recovery
  • 360 degree conformity – The bandage conforms to the contours of your body promoting all-round cooling and pain reduction
  • Constant use – Whereas ice has to be applied in a 20 minute on, 20 minute off cycle, our bandages can be left on the body so you can have constant cooling and pain relief
  • Easy to apply


We are 100% confident that Physicool will exceed your expectations so we stand behind our brand with a no quibble cast iron guarantee.

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