Coolant Recharge 250ml Bottle
Coolant Recharge 250ml Bottle

Coolant Recharge 250ml Bottle

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Our coolant lets you get repeated use from your Physicool cooling bandages. The coolant can be sprayed directly onto the bandage when it is on the body or you can recharge your bandage by replacing it in the resealable foil pack and adding coolant.

As part of our innovative cooling system, our coolant helps rapidly reduce swelling and inflammation, minimises pain, and speeds-up recovery time. Get back to to being you, with Physicool.


We are 100% confident that Physicool will exceed your expectations so we stand behind our brand with a no quibble cast iron guarantee.

If, after 7 days of use, you are not 100% happy with your purchase, simply return your item for a full refund of your purchase price.

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"I would thoroughly recommend the use of the Physicool bandage. Not only is it easy for the patients to apply, it's great for when they go home and the results show it performs better than our standard cooling method."

Simon Garrett BM MRCS FRCS (T&O)

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
National Health Service